Surfing New Media: It’s Sink or Swim

The more I learn about social media public relations, the more I think that traditional PR is on the way out. These days it seems like distributing information and getting publicity is impossible without using the newest technology. As social media tactics get more elaborate, the more the old black and white press release loses influence and credibility.

We are a PR generation caught in the middle, and any new graduate without knowledge of how to ride the social media tide will be left on the beach.

Luckily, many colleges around the country are beginning to catch onto the media transformation currently happening in PR. There are also a lot of new media disseminating information about new media – like the example below.

Steve Rubel of Edelman Public Relations, Senior Vice President and blogger of Micro Persuasion talks about the impact of social media on PR.

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January 25, 2008. Tags: , , , , . PR, social media.


  1. tiffanyderville replied:

    Great post, Katy. You’re right — today, most reporters prefer to receive press releases online. It is not enough to limit yourself to the paper world.

    Nevertheless, hard copy press releases are still useful. For example, I use them in donor kits for the Cameron Siemers Foundation for Hope.

    When you give in-person presentations, it is nice to have a “leave-behind” for your publics.

    p.s. I’m sending good thoughts your way in hopes that you will feel better soon.

  2. erinshizuewilliams replied:

    I worked in a “Strategic Communications” Department over the summer, and I was always so suprised because other employees thought I was very “tech-savvy.”

    When in reality, I know I am not the best person to be at the computer. I have noticed a definite technology gap between our generation and the previous generation.

    That’s why I am so grateful we, as students, have the opportunity to learn about social media before leaving the university.

  3. hgprspot replied:

    I would have to agree! It is sad that the old way of PR is dying, but we know have a new and exciting technological world to dive into!

    I also feel that every school offering a degree in PR MUST teach students how to dive into these new fields of technology. Otherwise, the school is not preparing their students properly.

  4. allieraney replied:

    Well said, Katy. We’re fortunate to be in a PR program that places such an emphasis on new media, so we can get a grasp on these new social media tactics. We’ll know how to ride the social media tide!

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