What “They” Want You to Know

You have the PR job of your dreams, but what now? Take a look at Todd Defren of SHIFT Communications’ personal list of things he wished his new PR hires would know. “What I Wish My New Employee Knew” provides an often overlooked perspective on success in the PR workplace.

In “The ‘X Factor'” post from January 30, the advice from Cori McKeever to new PR hires was to burn the midnight oil. Defren disagrees, however, writing that working late, rather than impressing the big wigs, could make your boss question your efficiency.

They may disagree on some things, but both McKeever and Defren agree that slaving late or not, having enthusiasm, self motivation and a willingness to work is the best way to demonstrate your worth.

photo from pr-squared.com


February 4, 2008. Tags: , , , , . Career Advice, PR.

One Comment

  1. ducks4days replied:


    As a future PR practitioner myself, let me just say I really enjoyed this post. I think it goes without saying that making the jump from college to the “real world” becomes more overwhelming the closer we get to graduation. I’m sure just about anyone looking to start their career is going to enjoy reading this list of “things you should know before starting your career.” We all know we’ll inevitably be making mistakes as the new guy/girl soon enough. Good job on the post KS, here’s a toast to going from the top to the bottom of the hierarchy totem-poll once again.

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