Obama’s My Friend on Facebook. Jealous?

Social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace are the new frontier in media, marketing and communications. From Facebook’s sponsorship of presidential debates to Obama’s nearly immediate efforts via Facebook, MySpace and several fully-loaded websites, it seems that even the most archaic practices of our nation are turning to social media to get the race won.

Facebook and MySpace are giving candidates the platform to introduce themselves, their qualifications and their ideas, so why aren’t soon-to-be college graduates treating their public blogs, Facebook and MySpace pages the same way?

We all know that today companies have access to even the most heavily guarded online information. We’ve heard the stories of graduating seniors who were denied the job because the company found not-so flattering subject matter associated with the potential employee. We know the deal. We hear the stories. Yet, we fail to act.

If candidates from Obama to McCain are successfully marketing themselves on Facebook, why aren’t we?

It’s a sad fact, and one that I would like to forget, but we are getting older and will soon be graduating from college and childhood. But instead of packing up your Harry Potter books and old teddy bear to mark this transition, why not clean up the junk on your Facebook profile? Take the lead from the politicians whose job it is to successfully sell themselves: put your best profile forward. You won’t regret it.


February 13, 2008. Tags: , , , , , , , , . Career Advice, Life-in General, social media.


  1. prgroove replied:

    Great advice! High school and college students debated on a recent episode of Dr. Phil about content on Facebook and MySpace. It’s smart to remember that potential employers can browse our profiles and scan our pictures just as other students do. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Tiffany Derville replied:

    Great post, Katy. You might also enjoy reading a post about this from Les Potter, a friend and mentor of mine: http://lespotter001.wordpress.com/2008/02/22/legal-and-ethical-issues-with-employers-checking-social-networking-sites/

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