Interview Transparency is Crystal Clear.

Transparency in public relations is essential. Regardless of the situation, being honest and forthright with information is your only option. And your job interview is no exception.

You will encounter an array of interview questions in your search for a job, but odds are you will always be asked to state your greatest weakness. This is perhaps the most challenging inquest you will confront, and it is important to face it well-prepared.

How to Communicate Your Weaknesses offers up ten steps to identify, understand and reveal your flaws and still come out on top. The article also offers additional tips and possible pitfalls, which are helpful. Here are some of the highlights.

1. Understand the question. When an employer asks about your weaknesses, the faults are not the most important thing. What they are looking for is self awareness about your weaknesses, and what you do about the challenges.

2. Avoid the most common mistake. “My biggest weakness is that I tend to do everything right all the time.” Ok, so you would never really say that, but coming up with a fake negative will probably just irritate the interviewer. You’ll also come across as lacking self awareness.

3. Be clear and concise. Try not to overstate or ramble. You have advanced warning about this interview obstacle. Know your answer before you go in there and answer succinctly.

Interviewing for jobs is a stressful experience for literally everyone. And honestly airing your weaknesses to your potential boss seems shockingly counterintuitive. However, if we can learn to present our own challenges with poise and fidelity now, we will be perfectly prepared to communicate the issues of a company with even greater skill and transparency in the future.

image from artist Jim Daly


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  1. Tiffany Derville replied:

    Thanks, Katy. As someone who has interviewed many people, I agree that interviewees should not dodge the weakness question or answer it by stating something that is not a weakness. Simply present your weakness and what you are doing to offset it.

  2. allieraney replied:

    Great post, Katy. Transparency and honesty are key in an interview situation. I’ve interviewed several students for AHPR, and I’ve had interviewees say, “I can’t think of a weakness right now.” This response sends huge red flag. It shows the candidate lacks self awareness and confidence. You’re best bet is to honestly state your weakness and show how you compensate for it.

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