No Thank You: Turning Down a Job Offer.

As a journalist and PR student you are taught to research, research, research before you act. But what if a couple of days after a job interview, you find your have researched, discovered and sleuthed your way into not wanting the job at all? They offer you the position because life is cruel. But how do you say no?

Penelope Trunk, blog author of Brazen Careerist, offers four tips on How to Turn Down a Job Offer.

1. Be Nice. Thank the person for the opportunity. Trunk also advises complimenting the company in a small way. In my experience, you’ll want to get off the phone as fast as possible, but don’t forget common courtesy.

2. Follow Up. Trunk says you should do something within the next week or so to show the person that you want to keep in touch with them and the company.

3. Suggest Someone Else. Many companies participate in group interview sessions, and if a fellow interviewee stood out to you, drop her name.

4. Assess Your Own Conduct. Turning down a job will be even harder if you jerked them around or waited until the last minute to decline.

The bottom line is declining a job offer is hard and if done incorrectly could hurt your reputation in the PR community. Make sure you’re taking the time to decline respectfully. Don’t burn a company you may cross in the future.

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March 2, 2008. Tags: , , , , , , . Career Advice.

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  1. danielleterreri replied:

    Great Advice! I have started my own blog this week and recently came across yours. I’m a recent grad blogging about my job-hunt, and hope to join you in the employed blogger category!


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