It’s Graduation Day. Try Not to Throw Up.

Hello world! Again. You know that feeling when you get to the airport before a big trip? You’re really excited, but you can’t help but think you forgot something? That’s how I’ve been feeling the last couple of weeks months. In the hustle and bustle of PReparing for my life, I forgot one little thing: blogging. Oops.

In the interest of moving forward (and trying to forget the fact that this is my first post in nearly a decade), let’s talk about graduation. Pat yourself on the back. You made it, or at the very least, you tricked the registrar’s office into believing you already finished those online classes so you can graduate with your friends in June – nobody wants to walk alone in September.

I hope you’ve sent out your announcements. Unfortunately, if you don’t already know, our country is currently in what the people in charge call a “slow down” (aka devastating economic recession). What does that mean for us? A crap job market, a gallon of gas costing more than a pint of good beer, a pint of good beer costing so much you might actually just have one and the majority of graduation cards containing ONLY words of congratulations and wisdom. Hey, everybody’s hurting.

So, in lieu of cash from your Uncle Randy and Aunt Vi, I’ve found some practical ideas for how to make a little money, let’s just say, the old fashioned way. Here are some tips.

1. Reconsider babysitting. I’m sure not all kids hate you.

2. Become a parent’s helper. Get paid to do all the lame tasks real adults don’t want to do.

3. House cleaning. You still have that Swiffer from freshman year, right?

4. Lemonade stand. On the rocks with a shot of vodka, perhaps?

The article goes on to list car washing, house and pet sitting and landscaping. Ok, joke’s over. If you didn’t already realize, those are tips for how kids can make extra money. In times like these, though, you never know what you’ll do for a little cash in hand. See you on the sidewalk! Fresh squeezed lemonade only $5 a glass. Liquor not included.

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