Tiger’s Tips FORE Life.

I can’t think of anything better than getting life advice from Tiger Woods. Anyone who knows me is all too aware of my passion for golf (both the game and the adorable outfits). And although I haven’t been playing long, I think that there are a lot of life lessons that we can learn from golf. My buddy Tiger agrees with me. Tiger Woods Rulebook to Being a Huge Success from the blog Dumb Little Man offers some of the golf great’s tips for life. Before I hyperventilate from excitement, let’s continue.

1. Constant and never ending improvement. Never settle for good enough, not when you can always be better tomorrow. That’s what keeps life exciting.

2. A bigger plan. Try to look at the bigger picture – this is often bigger than your own success and accomplishments.

3. Embrace defeat. And move on. Don’t hold on to your mistakes. Pick yourself up and face your next challenge.

4. Take life lightly. “If you can’t laugh at yourself, then who can you laugh at?” -Tiger Woods

5. Don’t stop. Clearly Tiger took his own advice at the Open a couple of weeks ago.

6. Live your own expectations. Don’t get tied up with what other people want.

7. Do what you love. You’re going to spend your entire life working, so why not find something that you love to do.

8. Focus. Have a goal, focus on what’s important and put all your energy toward reaching it.

9. Pay it forward. Give your time and talents to others.

10. Learn from all mistakes. Life’s challenges are there for us to learn from, so take advantage.

11. Celebrate your victories. Positive reinforcement comes when you treat each of your successes as special. Don’t feel bad when you feel good about your accomplishments.

12. Pay no attention to naysayers. What do they know anyway?

adorable picture of Tiger from news.bbc.co.uk.


June 26, 2008. Tags: , , , , , , . Life-in General.

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