The Early Bird Gets Ahead.

Getting a job after graduation is really exciting. But when the initial adrenaline wears off and the reality sinks in, you probably realize that you haven’t got up before 8am for more than two days in a row since high school.

For all of us, getting up early will be part of the job from now until retirement. So, what is the late-rising, recent college grad to do?

Waking Up Early – 15 Tips That Work by blogger Dave Cheong explores the best recomendations for greeting the day early enough to catch the witty banter on first hour of the Today Show. Here are the five best tips.

1. Have a good reason to get up. Remind yourself why you’re getting up earlier. Is the corner coffee shop an option with your extra time? Will you be able to get in a morning workout? Or could leaving earlier help you avoid heavy AM traffic? Whatever your reason, remember it before you go to bed.

2. Get enough sleep. Being productive is much harder when you’re exhausted. So, go to bed earlier to make sure you feel rested the next day.

3. No more another 10 minutes. It’s never just 10 minutes because 10 becomes 20, which becomes 30, and before you know it, you’re late. No more snooze. Try to get up when the alarm goes off the first time.

4. Establish a stable routine. Consistency is key to getting your body accustomed to rising early. Try not to spoil your hard work from the week before by sleeping in until noon on Saturday.

5. Be aware of the consequences. If you’re late to work, you lose credibility with your team, and you might even have to stay later to make up for your extra Zs. If your boss is an morning person, you might be missing out by not getting to the office early.

Good luck! And good morning.

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June 27, 2008. Tags: , , , , , . Career Advice, Life-in General.

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