Money Advice for 20-Somethings Like Us

I’ve been home visiting my parents for about a week now, and it seems that anytime we’re all in a room together, I get a lecture some advice on my financial life as an adult. Although this time allows me a prime opportunity to zone-off and daydream about, well, whatever, since my parents did pay for my out-of-state college tuition, I feel that it’s important to at least look like I’m listening.

Perhaps it’s the Idaho fresh air or the vats of cold beer I’ve been drinking, but I think I’ve begun to pay attention to my parents when it comes to investing in my future. (I’d be worried that they would find out that I’m actually listening to them, all kids’ greatest fear, but I’m pretty sure they lie about reading my blog.)

In lieu of interviewing my mom and dad myself and subjecting you to a lecture I’m sure you’ve already heard from your parents, I’ve found a couple of articles from actual professionals that may help our twenty-something bank accounts.

Financial Advice for Twenty-Somethings from NPR’s Morning Addition explains the importance of paying off your college debt.

Should a 20-Something Invest for Retirement from offers three reasons why we should be thinking about investing in a 401K account now.

The Complete Guide to Choosing Between a Traditional 401K and a Roth 401K from the blog offers everything you need to know about choosing your retirement account.

Apparently it only takes a week of hanging out with my retired and financially stable parents to understand that it might be more important to save now and spend later than to buy a new flat screen TV so I can watch The Hills in HD. Damn.

photo courtsy of my parents who love me enough to take time from their busy, retired lives to lecture me.


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