It’s not just busy work. It’s an internship.

Ask anyone. Summer internships are synonymous for three things: 1. little or no pay, 2. amazing amounts of busy work, 3. one of the best ways to get your foot in the industry door.

Whether you are currently in an internship position or looking to get one in the future, here are some tips to make your summer of stress and overwork worth while.

Tips to Make the Most of Summer Internships by Erin Chambers from the Career Journal of the Wall Street Journal online provides seven tips.

1. Be Early. for everything.

2. Get Real. Odds are your internship wont be the most amazing and perfect introduction to the work world. It’s an internship. Meet with your manager so you know the expectations and guidelines of the job.

3. Drink Coffee. Find out where the water cooler, break room or coffee spot is and go there. Building relationships is a huge part of your internship, so say hi and socialize a little.

4. Don’t Get Discouraged. Repeat: it’s an internship, so you’ll probably be doing stuff that real employees don’t want to do, like make photo copies. If you want, meet with your boss to ask for new projects. Whatever you do, don’t fret or complain.

5. Resist the Urge to Stand Out. Being reliable and consistent is enough to impress your boss. Make friends with the other interns. Don’t compete with them.

6. Take Notes. Keep a notebook of the things you’ve done. It’ll help you update your resume, and can also help your supervisor write your recommendation down the road.

7. Play Softball. Think carefully about turning down any offers to get involved. Whether it is the company softball team (even though you’re less coordinated than a drunk person), going along on a Starbucks run (grow up, no real adult hates coffee), or tagging along on a client meeting (to make copies and get your parking pass validated, duh) accept the offer. Your boss wants someone who rolls with the punches and keeps coming back for more.

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