Moving Out of Your Parent’s Pad (AGAIN!)

In case you haven’t been following the news, more than 60 percent of recent college graduates are moving home after graduation. There are so many of us moving back in with our parents that our generation has been unofficially renamed “The Boomerang Generation.”

You probably know how I feel about this rebranding. But regardless of what they’re calling us behind our backs and to our faces, the ultimate issue remains: the majority of us are living at home, and we need to get out of there!

Are You Ready to Move Out of Your Parent’s House? by Jody Morse asks the hard questions you should ponder before you move out (again).

1. Do you have a stable job? “Stable” job should also be interpreted as “real” job. You can’t expect to live off the online sale of your beanie babies or baseball cards, or by working 10 hours a week at your local coffee shop (unless they pay you $100 an hour to steam milk).

2. Can you pay your rent? If you’re entire pay check is going to rent, your living situation is unrealistic – either downsize (whatever you may think, you don’t need that second bedroom for your collection of commemorative shot glasses) or go back home to mom and dad.

3. Will you be able to afford other expenses? There’s much more to worry about than rent (like food, utilities, internet, cable, cell phone, credit card bills, furniture etc. etc. etc.)

4. Are you willing to make sacrifices? The bottom line is if you are living with your parents, you current job probably isn’t paying much anyway. Living on your own will only make that worse. So, think twice before that Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale shopping spree, the big screen TV purchase or the new car loan.

5. Should you consider a roommate? Clearly having someone with whom you can split expenses is a good idea, especially if you’re on a tight budget. So, the roommate that you found on Craigslist disappeared in the middle of the night? I’m sure he’ll be back in no time with all of your missing electronics.

6. Are you emotionally ready to leave home? It seems like a dumb question, but maybe moving back home wasn’t truly about your lack of funds. Perhaps your move home was a reaction to you not wanting to enter the real world, make necessary sacrifices and transition to adulthood. Think about it.

Whether you’re ready to move out or not, go right now and hug your parents. Ten bucks says they are as bummed as you that you’re living at home again. So, tell mom and dad thanks.

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July 30, 2008. Tags: , , , , , . graduation, Life-in General.

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  1. Brady replied:

    Very good points to ponder on before moving out! Thank you for sharing.

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