Eight More Excuses for Why You Haven’t Found a Job Yet.

There seems to be a pattern emerging among many of my friends. Although they are all well-qualified, driven and actively seeking jobs, a majority of them are coming up empty handed. So, in honor of my flailing friends, here’s an article with some reasons why your job search may be taking longer than you (or your parents) would like.

Eight Reasons Why Your Job Search May Be Taking Longer Than It Should by Andrew Jensen from Associated Content outlines the top reasons you may be missing the employment mark.

One. Expectations are Unreasonable: If you feel like your job search has been taking too long, try adjusting your expectations for how you define “too long.” It could take you between six months and a year to land your dream job. So, be patient.

Two. Shooting Too High: You could be applying for jobs that your experience doesn’t yet fit. Be honest with yourself. Get others’ opinions on what jobs you should be applying for.

Three. Not Focused Enough: Focusing your job search on a single industry or a handful of companies works much better than blanketing your resume to a hundred companies across the internet.

Four. No Clarified Goals: Before you start looking for a job, you need to define what you’re looking for. If you know where you want to go, you’ll know where to start.

Five. Ineffective Search Methods: Are you only applying for jobs online? Are you mass distributing your resume without direct contacts in the companies? There are more effective methods. Use them.

Six. Resume Problems: Have a professional look over your resume to look for basic editing errors, gaps in experience or formatting issues. You’re resume is your first impression. Make it a good one.

Seven. Interviewing Problems: If you’re getting interviews but no offers, your interviewing skills are probably not up to par. Do some research or meet with a professional for one-on-one interview training. It’ll pay off.

Eight. Poor Use of Time: The more time you spend maintaining relationships, networking and job searching, the more effective your search will be, and the faster you’ll get that job.

Nine. Impending National Recession? Well, maybe.

Image from newsbusters.com


August 3, 2008. Tags: , , , . Career Advice, graduation, Life-in General.

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