Keeping You Apartment Clean: The Last Frontier of Adulthood.

In case you didn’t already know, the vast majority of topics that I choose to cover on PRprep are ripped straight from the headlines of my everyday life. How to turn down a job offer, succeeding in a new career, and financial planning are all issues that I have faced in my post-college, newly adult life.

So, in the interest of continuing to provide you with advice and tips for succeeding at life, I’ve decided to address an issue currently plaguing my life: keeping my apartment clean.

I’m a relatively tidy person normally. But in the midst of my new, busier life as an adult with a job, I’ve found it a little more challenging to, say, pick up my clothes, do my dishes, vacuum my rugs or dust my furniture. Needless to say, advice is imperative.

Clearly procrastination is a huge reason why my apartment remains so utterly unkempt, but I’m already doomed, so let’s get to the advice.

Tip # 1: Stick to a schedule and establish a routine. Making a list of everything that needs to be done and how often you should do it (daily, weekly etc) can help you stay on track. *I plan to stick my list on the fridge.

Tip # 2: Get all the right tools. Having cleaning supplies already avaliable can make it easier to jump into ridding your pad of filth. Although some things depend on the kind of surfaces in your apartment specifically, there are some standbys that everyone needs: a vacuum, rags and brushes, a mop and bucket, glass cleaner, wood polish, disinfectant for kitchen and bathroom counters…and the list goes on…

Tip # 3: Clean regularly. (Herein lies my most illusive foe). Do the dishes as soon as they hit the sink. Put your dirty clothes directly into the hamper. Wipe down the counters after you cook. Taking the extra minute or two to clean things as they happen will save you several hours of cleaning down the road.

In case you need extra help. Here are some more tips from the experts… Good luck!

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