My Biggest Blog Pet Peeves!

My new job often keeps me so busy that even taking a break for lunch is impossible, but this afternoon things slowed down a bit. So, I spent a little time searching for and reading new blogs with the hopes of gaining some inspiration, information and maybe a laugh or two.

I used a couple of new blog searches I’ve discovered like Blog Flux and a few of my old stand-bys like Technorati. But after an afternoon of blog discovery, the only thing I have to show for all my time spent is a case of mild frustration.

If you’re wondering why I’m so peeved, here you go. The following are my major issues with several blogs I’ve encountered today.

I hate blogs and bloggers when…

…they tell me what to do/how to blog. Well, actually they tell me what not to do and how not to blog. However, the problem isn’t with the advice. I take offense with the tone in which they offer their opinions. If I wanted to be criticized for my actions I’d hang out with my older brother.

…I find a blog that sounds really interesting, only to find out that the blogger hasn’t updated since January…of 2005! Is it too much to ask that people remove their blogs if they’re not planning on actively engaging? I don’t think so.

…they treat their posts like diary submissions. Unless you’re Barack Obama, Tiger Woods or Brittany Spears, I don’t care what you did last Thursday night or what you ate for breakfast this morning…I wonder if Barack likes Grape Nuts…


…when a blog is neither useful, funny, insightful or smart. See peeve #3.

Now that I’ve finished my rant, this post feels a bit foreign to me. Although I am often sarcastic, I am rarely negative or pessimistic. So, in the hopes of lifting my spirits, I’ve included a couple of things I love most about blogs:

I love blogs and bloggers when…

…they make me laugh so hard that the people around me either think I’m crazy or want to get in on the joke (sometimes both).

…they have great applications and widgets on their pages that I later attempt and fail to add to my own blog.

…they make me think about an issue in a different way.

…they give me useful advice that I want to include on my own blog.

…they provide the kind of relevant information that I can regurgitate to coworkers and sound smart.

In case you were wondering, I’m not the only blogger who finds herself frustrated with the bloggosphere. Here are some other bloggers’ blog pet peeves:

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  1. Chris replied:

    Hey there! thanks for linking back to my “Why So Many Blogs Piss Me Off” post.

    I like you point on things you love: “…they have great applications and widgets on their pages that I later attempt and fail to add to my own blog.”

    I’ve gotten much better at adding plug-ins and widgets and making adjustments, but I remember some very key failures as well.

  2. sulz replied:

    thanks for the link love! about the wonderful widgets you see in other blogs and tried to put it in your blog here, most of the time it probably wouldn’t work since is quite restricted – for instance, any app with javascript doesn’t work here, which might explain why you failed in doing so. 😉

  3. Katy replied:

    Thanks for the comment and for your help with my widget failures. I’m actually considering switching to so I can add those wonderful widgets.

  4. Bloggers Can Get Press Passes Too, Thanks To City Hall replied:

    […] via prprep] By Hannah Lawrence Mar 2, 2010 3:49 […]

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