Tips for Boosting Your Energy (when all you want to do is sleep)

tired2In case you didn’t know, I recently got a promotion at work. HORAY! More money, more street cred, more fun, right? Right! But more responsibility and more work means more stress and often less energy.

After chatting with my coworkers about my new-found fatigue, I’ve been convinced that I’m not being plagued by some physical ailment (me: are you sure I don’t have mono?), but instead my body is simply adjusting to the new changes in my environment.

Not one to take my lethargy laying down (though that does sound great right now), I’ve decided to find some tips for how to boost energy. Here they are:

1. Get sleep, duh! 7-9 hours is apparently great, but in times when stress levels are higher than normal, making sure you’re getting 9 full hours a night (maybe 11?) might be exactly what you need.

2. Take time for you. De-stressing from work is key to keeping your energy level high. So, take a walk, read a book, spend time with friends. Even just an hour a day can make a world of a difference for your energy level.

3. Limit caffeine and sugar intake. (Don’t worry, I’m laughing too). In my book, limiting sugar intake is always good. But regarding the caffeine thing, I would just stay away from it after a certain time of the day (around 3pm for me). Consuming caffeine too late in the day can impact sleep patterns and make you even more tired (see #1), so just be mindful.

4. Get some exercise. To be honest, this is great in theory, but the reason we’re all tired is that we work ALOT. Who has time for the gym? Don’t beat yourself up for not having the time or energy to hit the treadmill. Instead, look for ways throughout your day to squeeze in some cardio. Park a little farther away, take the stairs or walk instead of sending that email. The little efforts add up!

5. Acknowledge and wait it out. Being a bit more tired than usual is just what happens during big transitions in life. So, my advice is don’t get frustrated, just accept it. After a couple of months you should be back to normal, and hopefully your friends will forgive you for staying in to sleep all those times instead of going out. Either way, just be patient. It can’t be like this forever.

Still tired? Here are some more tips for boosting energy:

10 Effective Ways to Increase Your Energy Levels, Dumb Little Man

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