Bar of the Month Club – Lucy’s Table

I’ve decided to add a little local flair to my blog and include a series of posts I like to call the bar of the month club. As an active happy hour hopper in the vibrant city of Portland, I often have the chance to check out some great restaurants and bars around my town, and I thought I’d share my latest adventures with you, so here we go…

Name: Lucy’s Table

Location: Northwest, corner of 21st and Irving

I stopped by Lucy’s Table last week to partake in the restaurant’s “Social Hour.” The menu features the usual offering of 8-10 wines by the glass and a varied selection of tapas-sized plates. The atmosphere is upscale but airy and has a great relaxed elegance to it.

I had a pretty basic spring salad, which was eh. My friend had the avocado hummus, which was a great twist on the usual app.  And we both had the White Haven, Sauvignon Blanc, which was incredible. All told, my salad and two glasses of wine came to $23.

While other Portland restaurants are packed to the brim during weekday happy hour, Lucy’s Table was a ghost town. Though I’m not nuts about waiting for a table so long we miss happy hour (which has happened to me and my friends on numerous occasions), Lucy’s Table was so dead that it felt a little awkward. On the positive side, the servers were super nice and attentive, and if you’re desperate, they offer valet parking for $4. Their social hour is from 5pm-6:30pm Monday through Friday, which is great for those of us who are lucky to get out of the office by 5:30.

If you’re looking for a silent quiet, classy spot for relaxed drinks after work, Lucy’s Table is a great choice thanks to the atmosphere and service. But, if you’re looking for a high energy place that puts the happy in your happy hour, I would look elsewhere.

Have another happy hour spot in Portland you’d recommend? I’d love to hear!


March 27, 2010. Tags: , . Bar of the Month Club, Entertainment, Life-in General.

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