Bar of the Month Club – Lucy’s Table

I’ve decided to add a little local flair to my blog and include a series of posts I like to call the bar of the month club. As an active happy hour hopper in the vibrant city of Portland, I often have the chance to check out some great restaurants and bars around my town, and I thought I’d share my latest adventures with you, so here we go…

Name: Lucy’s Table

Location: Northwest, corner of 21st and Irving

I stopped by Lucy’s Table last week to partake in the restaurant’s “Social Hour.” The menu features the usual offering of 8-10 wines by the glass and a varied selection of tapas-sized plates. The atmosphere is upscale but airy and has a great relaxed elegance to it.

I had a pretty basic spring salad, which was eh. My friend had the avocado hummus, which was a great twist on the usual app.  And we both had the White Haven, Sauvignon Blanc, which was incredible. All told, my salad and two glasses of wine came to $23.

While other Portland restaurants are packed to the brim during weekday happy hour, Lucy’s Table was a ghost town. Though I’m not nuts about waiting for a table so long we miss happy hour (which has happened to me and my friends on numerous occasions), Lucy’s Table was so dead that it felt a little awkward. On the positive side, the servers were super nice and attentive, and if you’re desperate, they offer valet parking for $4. Their social hour is from 5pm-6:30pm Monday through Friday, which is great for those of us who are lucky to get out of the office by 5:30.

If you’re looking for a silent quiet, classy spot for relaxed drinks after work, Lucy’s Table is a great choice thanks to the atmosphere and service. But, if you’re looking for a high energy place that puts the happy in your happy hour, I would look elsewhere.

Have another happy hour spot in Portland you’d recommend? I’d love to hear!


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Halloween Costumes for the Recession-Savvy Gal

A lot has changed in the past two years: a college degree no longer guarantees you a job, birthday presents from your parents now consist of one more month of health insurance and a couple packets of Starbucks Via, and extravagant Halloween costumes purchased online are just a fond memory. 

So, what is the fabulous and frugal Halloween lover to do? Here are my tips for creative costumes straight from your closet.

StepfordStepford Wife: Combine a pastel cardigan, floral dress and nude heals. Add in some pearl jewelry, airbrushed makeup, perfectly quaffed hair and the apron your mom gave you for graduation (finally an excuse to wear it!) and TA DA! You’ve been transformed in to a trophy robot wife. Extra points for freshly baked cookies and a vacant expression. DWF15-470740

College Freshman: Find your shortest jean skirt, a cheap Forever 21 party top and pop on your ugg boots. Add a teased bump in your hair, fully line your eyes in black liner and gob on the mascara for the authentic look of a clueless 17 year old. Major kudos for carrying both a backpack and Coach purse.

MeghanMcCainMeghan McCain: In light of the recent buzz around her Twitter account, this costume is particularly timely. All you need for this one is a black low cut tank, Andy Worhol book, and the best damn push up bra you have. Pull back your bangs with a workout head-band, add a Vote McCain campaign pin and prepare for the media firestorm!

Happy Halloween!

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Fall shows I LOVE and the wines that pair best.

I’m not going to lie to you. Lately, I’ve been working really late  (long stories, yeah, plural) anyway, some days, after a stressful day at work, I’ve been forgoing the gym and hitting the couch to discover some of this season’s new  shows from the comfort of my DVR.

This occasional habit of mine is sometimes accompanied by a glass of wine, and over the past couple of weeks, not only have I discovered some amazing wines, I’ve also found my share of great new fall shows that make even a long day at work fade away.

So,  here are my recommendations for wine and shows for you to enjoy when you just don’t feel like hitting the treadmill.

EastwickEastwick with Tuscan Moon Sangiovese: This show just began last week, so I can’t guarantee it’s going to be a season-long winner, but so far, I’ve enjoyed the Sex and the City-esque banter, Practical Magic-ish story line and female empowerment angle. This mix of magic, sex and power pair perfectly with the bold yet smooth flavors of the sangiovese. Don’t expect anything deep here, but with Halloween on the way, what could be better than this?Glee

Glee with Argyle Chardonnay: Officially my favorite show of the season, Glee is a perfect combination of hit pop music and popular show tunes with off, sometimes awkward comedy. The actors are talented and the show is just original enough that my boyfriend doesn’t hate it. Best paired with the deep flavors of this chardonnay (to balance out the fluff).

DropDeadDivaDrop Dead Diva with Rootstock Sauvignon Blanc: This show has been getting a lot of press lately, good and bad. But I have to say, regardless of what you think of the premise of the show, the roles are well cast and the characters are charming and funny. Love it with a good sauvignon blanc like Rootstock, which is approachable, well balanced and not too sweet, just like the show.  MelrosePlace

Melrose Place with any good red table wine: Believe it, my friends. The new millenium version of this primetime drama is complex and surprisingly dark. While you may not love it at first, give it a chance. Compared to Gossip Girl and 90210, this is the one to watch. Just like the repeat premise of the show, the wine that pairs best with this one is that half a bottle of table red leftover from last weekend.

With several premiers still scheduled on the DVR, I’m sure there will be more great shows and pairings on the way. Can you say The Hills? The City? Lost? Amazing Race? Can’t wait!

Got a good show and wine pairing? Let me know!

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