Halloween Costumes for the Recession-Savvy Gal

A lot has changed in the past two years: a college degree no longer guarantees you a job, birthday presents from your parents now consist of one more month of health insurance and a couple packets of Starbucks Via, and extravagant Halloween costumes purchased online are just a fond memory. 

So, what is the fabulous and frugal Halloween lover to do? Here are my tips for creative costumes straight from your closet.

StepfordStepford Wife: Combine a pastel cardigan, floral dress and nude heals. Add in some pearl jewelry, airbrushed makeup, perfectly quaffed hair and the apron your mom gave you for graduation (finally an excuse to wear it!) and TA DA! You’ve been transformed in to a trophy robot wife. Extra points for freshly baked cookies and a vacant expression. DWF15-470740

College Freshman: Find your shortest jean skirt, a cheap Forever 21 party top and pop on your ugg boots. Add a teased bump in your hair, fully line your eyes in black liner and gob on the mascara for the authentic look of a clueless 17 year old. Major kudos for carrying both a backpack and Coach purse.

MeghanMcCainMeghan McCain: In light of the recent buzz around her Twitter account, this costume is particularly timely. All you need for this one is a black low cut tank, Andy Worhol book, and the best damn push up bra you have. Pull back your bangs with a workout head-band, add a Vote McCain campaign pin and prepare for the media firestorm!

Happy Halloween!


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The Upside of the Downturn

I’m just going to assume you know what’s going on in our country right now. Although it’s an exciting time, on the cusp of the presidential election, it’s also a really hard time for the average American in every aspect. Times are tough, but here are five great reasons why the economic downturn sucks for everyone but us.

1. It’s a smart time to invest in your 401K. With stock prices this low, now is the perfect time to buy because you get more bang for your buck. Check with your company to find out more about the investment options and just get investing.

2. There are tons of choices for your first house. With the housing market taking a dive, it’s a true buyers market. If you’re not in the position to purchase right now, start saving a little each month and keep up your good credit, so in four years (when the economy still sucks) you’ll be in the perfect place to sign on the line for your first home.

3. It’s a great opportunity to find out just how little money you can live on. Remember in college when ate Top Ramen for two weeks after you got tanked and blew your paycheck buying a round of Jagger Bombs for the entire bar ? This recession is kind of like that. Determine what you really need in life, spend your hard earned money on that stuff, and save the rest. It sucks, but hello! we’re in a recession people.

4. Now is the time to learn what differentiates the employee who keeps her job from the one who loses it. Find out how to make yourself an indispensable part of your organization. If you’re a slacker, a winer, a drunk, a hypochondriac, a perv, or just plain annoying to your coworkers, pack up your cube, because you’ll be in the first to go.

5. Times like these are an amazing reason to celebrate! Unlike the majority of Americans, you actually have a job, didn’t lose thousands in the stock market and the only other living thing you’re responsible for is your make-believe cat because your landlord wont let you have a real one. Live it up, and thank your lucky stars that you’re not in your parents’ situation right now.

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It’s Graduation Day. Try Not to Throw Up.

Hello world! Again. You know that feeling when you get to the airport before a big trip? You’re really excited, but you can’t help but think you forgot something? That’s how I’ve been feeling the last couple of weeks months. In the hustle and bustle of PReparing for my life, I forgot one little thing: blogging. Oops.

In the interest of moving forward (and trying to forget the fact that this is my first post in nearly a decade), let’s talk about graduation. Pat yourself on the back. You made it, or at the very least, you tricked the registrar’s office into believing you already finished those online classes so you can graduate with your friends in June – nobody wants to walk alone in September.

I hope you’ve sent out your announcements. Unfortunately, if you don’t already know, our country is currently in what the people in charge call a “slow down” (aka devastating economic recession). What does that mean for us? A crap job market, a gallon of gas costing more than a pint of good beer, a pint of good beer costing so much you might actually just have one and the majority of graduation cards containing ONLY words of congratulations and wisdom. Hey, everybody’s hurting.

So, in lieu of cash from your Uncle Randy and Aunt Vi, I’ve found some practical ideas for how to make a little money, let’s just say, the old fashioned way. Here are some moneyinstructer.com tips.

1. Reconsider babysitting. I’m sure not all kids hate you.

2. Become a parent’s helper. Get paid to do all the lame tasks real adults don’t want to do.

3. House cleaning. You still have that Swiffer from freshman year, right?

4. Lemonade stand. On the rocks with a shot of vodka, perhaps?

The article goes on to list car washing, house and pet sitting and landscaping. Ok, joke’s over. If you didn’t already realize, those are tips for how kids can make extra money. In times like these, though, you never know what you’ll do for a little cash in hand. See you on the sidewalk! Fresh squeezed lemonade only $5 a glass. Liquor not included.

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