Halloween Costumes for the Recession-Savvy Gal

A lot has changed in the past two years: a college degree no longer guarantees you a job, birthday presents from your parents now consist of one more month of health insurance and a couple packets of Starbucks Via, and extravagant Halloween costumes purchased online are just a fond memory. 

So, what is the fabulous and frugal Halloween lover to do? Here are my tips for creative costumes straight from your closet.

StepfordStepford Wife: Combine a pastel cardigan, floral dress and nude heals. Add in some pearl jewelry, airbrushed makeup, perfectly quaffed hair and the apron your mom gave you for graduation (finally an excuse to wear it!) and TA DA! You’ve been transformed in to a trophy robot wife. Extra points for freshly baked cookies and a vacant expression. DWF15-470740

College Freshman: Find your shortest jean skirt, a cheap Forever 21 party top and pop on your ugg boots. Add a teased bump in your hair, fully line your eyes in black liner and gob on the mascara for the authentic look of a clueless 17 year old. Major kudos for carrying both a backpack and Coach purse.

MeghanMcCainMeghan McCain: In light of the recent buzz around her Twitter account, this costume is particularly timely. All you need for this one is a black low cut tank, Andy Worhol book, and the best damn push up bra you have. Pull back your bangs with a workout head-band, add a Vote McCain campaign pin and prepare for the media firestorm!

Happy Halloween!


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“So, You’ve Got the Job. Now What? My First Podcast

I’ve been blogging a lot about interviewing for the PR job you want, but let’s flash forward a couple of months. You got the job. But after all the preparation for applying and landing your dream job, what do you do now?

While offering more information on keeping your new job in PR, I’ve begun to stretch my social media legs by venturing into the frightening exciting world of podcasting. Check out my first podcast, “So, You’ve Got the Job. Now What?”. It covers everything about your new job, from things you should know about your PR career, to communicating with your boss to outsmarting office politics.

The information came from three great blog posts.

Five Things All PR Students Should Know About Their Choice of Career by Steven Silvers, author of Scatterbox.

Conversation with the Boss by Lauren Vargas, author of Communicators Anonymous.

Office Politics 101 by Colin McKay, author of Canuckflack.

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Obama’s My Friend on Facebook. Jealous?

Social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace are the new frontier in media, marketing and communications. From Facebook’s sponsorship of presidential debates to Obama’s nearly immediate efforts via Facebook, MySpace and several fully-loaded websites, it seems that even the most archaic practices of our nation are turning to social media to get the race won.

Facebook and MySpace are giving candidates the platform to introduce themselves, their qualifications and their ideas, so why aren’t soon-to-be college graduates treating their public blogs, Facebook and MySpace pages the same way?

We all know that today companies have access to even the most heavily guarded online information. We’ve heard the stories of graduating seniors who were denied the job because the company found not-so flattering subject matter associated with the potential employee. We know the deal. We hear the stories. Yet, we fail to act.

If candidates from Obama to McCain are successfully marketing themselves on Facebook, why aren’t we?

It’s a sad fact, and one that I would like to forget, but we are getting older and will soon be graduating from college and childhood. But instead of packing up your Harry Potter books and old teddy bear to mark this transition, why not clean up the junk on your Facebook profile? Take the lead from the politicians whose job it is to successfully sell themselves: put your best profile forward. You won’t regret it.

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